Since 1960, the hands of artisan Poqomames women from Palín, Escuintla have been making brushes or -Mesawal Chúl Wal- in the Poqomam language and painting tools. But Farbe is a Guatemalan dream. A word of Teutonic origin but with strong Poqomames roots. Nim rutz óhil ke la 'koon which means better than what already exists, Far better than standard. Now in 2019 the fusion of two cultures - the poqomam craft heritage and the new European automated technology - makes FARBE a world class factory for the manufacture of painting tools with the best of both worlds. Producing the best brands Farbe, Expert, Brosh, Do it Yourself, Handiworks for Walmart and other private brands in the region.

Farbe – Far better than standard.


Applicator manufacturing company with emphasis on local production of brushes, roller covers, sets and frames. With the latest technology to be more productive and with world quality. With more flexibility and better response times, because we are closer to the places we will serve.

Complement with the proper import of other related products for paint application, coming from the best sources of supply, to offer our customers a huge portfolio of applicators for any need and type of consumer.
We exist to be fast, flexible and globally competitive, and to become the supplier par excellence in the region, with a portfolio of private and own brands that are marketed in Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean in the short term and Latin America in the medium term. Generate sources of work in the area of Palin, Escuintla Guatemala, to produce more than 20 million pieces per year with world-class quality and craftsmanship joining our traditions and technology of European and Asian. Farbe, Far Better than the Standard.



That in the hands of each painter in the region, there is an applicator manufactured by Farbe International. Serving with quality, flexibility and better times to our hardware customers, key accounts and paint companies in the region. To be the most productive applicator company, 13 times bigger.